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The most imaginative cosmic watch: the new Agelocer Space Station watch
Agelocer's new astronomer series space station mechanical watch is a product worthy of attention. This watch integrates elements of technology and aerospace into traditional mechanical watches, and redesigns the way of the watch hands moving. It is a mechanical watch with bold design and exquisite craftsmanship.

Inspired by the Space Station
All things in the world have made Agelocer's design inspiration, so that mechanical timepieces are not only tools to tell time, but also interpret the exploration of the world in different mechanical forms. The design inspiration for this product is neither entirely based on reality nor out of touch with reality.
The space station series watch takes the vast and boundless universe as the background of the story, ingeniously depicts the concept of "space station" in the dial, and penetrates the spirit of fearless exploration into the entire dial design. The entire frame shape of the space station watch is a combination of the future sci-fi space station and the main structure of the space station that has been launched in reality.

The truss on the minute hand and dial resembles the space station’s mechanical arm and the main structure of the space capsule. The 24-hour disc and the small second disc are designed as a rotating annular space capsule, which is a sci-fi creation of artificial gravity environment to meet the needs of future interstellar navigation.
Beside its imagination of appearance, Agelocer never stops thinking about interesting ways of expressing time. The space station watch reconstructs the dial structure, breaks the traditional watch's three-pin travel time mode, and adopts a three-hand split design.

The hour hand, minute hand, and second hand all have independent timekeeping systems, which revolve around different axes, precisely cooperate with each other without interfering with each other, and accurately express the time. With a unique timing method, a mechanical watch that meets the aesthetics of young people is created, which is beautiful and interesting.

Panoramic back transparent design, enjoy the mechanical charm
The Cal.3350 movement on the Agelocer space station watch is an independent movement developed by the brand in cooperation with the Seagull Movement Factory. Each movement will undergo four rounds of complete testing, and strive for excellence based on the excellent quality of Seagull.

After CNC milling, chamfering and polishing of the edges, the main plate is decorated with refined straight Geneva pattern and circular Geneva pattern, presenting a unique metallic corrugated texture. 27 synthetic ruby bearings, embellished with blue steel screws, and a panoramic back design, allowing the wearer to feel the beauty of mechanical details as much as possible.

Ball bearing system, giving the watch a powerful capability
In order to make this watch operate accurately, durable and reliable, Agelocer reduces the running resistance of the upper transmission structure of the dial and selects a ball bearing system made of special steel. Usually at small-scale bespoke and luxury watchmakers, and paying exorbitant fees to enjoy such craftsmanship. The low friction coefficient of only 0.0001-0.0005 makes this watch more efficient in transmission, which is very beneficial for reducing wear and improving accuracy and prolonging use.

All along, Agelocer's original design watches, just like the brand's design concept "Always surprised", bring surprises to people every time a new product is launched, and become an exclusive watch for young people to show their unique personality. This watch is a sincere work by Agelocer, both in terms of watchmaking technology and visual art, and lovers of the universe should not miss it.

Basic parameters:
Dial diameter: 42mm
Dial thickness: 11mm
Wearing length: 165-220mm
Whole watch weight: 95.6g
Case material: 316L stainless steel
Strap material: cowhide strap
Movement: Cal.A3350 automatic mechanical movement
Gems: 27 rubies
Waterproof: 50m waterproof (5bar)
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