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2021 Chicago Good Design Award: Agelocer Astronomer Series
After winning five design awards, the Agelocer Astronomer Series has won another international design award - the 2021 Chicago Good Design Awards, which once again showcases Chinese design on the global stage. Being able to win this honor in the fierce competition proves that the ingenious design concept and excellent quality of the Astronomer series have been internationally recognized, and it is also an affirmation of Agelocer designers' continuous efforts and innovation.
Chicago Good Design Award - one of the three major design awards in the world
The Chicago Good Design Awards, the German Red Dot Design Award and the Japanese Good Design Awards are listed as the three major awards in the design industry. With a history of 72 years since its inception in 1950, it is the oldest and most prestigious industrial design award in the world. The award aims to discover the world's most innovative and cutting-edge industrial products and graphic designs. The design of the winning products meets the highest standards of international professional excellence in design.
A new moon phase watch that redefines traditional complications
The Astronomer series, which has won many international design awards, is a new work that redefines the complex function of the traditional moon phase. It dares to improve and innovate the traditional, and interpret the exploration of astronomy in a new mechanical form. The most subversive breakthrough is reflected in the moon phase function, breaking the traditional appearance of the industry's small circle semi-shielded moon phase, and creating a 28.5mm moon phase panoramic window. In order to prevent the watch from sliding when driving the panoramic moon phase dial, the design team re-improved the watch’s anti-return structure and driving structure, thickened the toggle spring, and strengthened the power output of the turntable, bringing a new immersive large-screen visual feast.
This is the first watch made by 3D printing technology in China. The 3D finely carved moon phase is made of 3D nano-metal printing technology, and the platinum plating process makes the lunar landscape more delicate.
This series adopts the Cal.A4610 automatic mechanical movement independently developed and designed by Agelocer. The design team achieved an astonishing 80 hours of power reserve through structural optimization, material adjustment and speed system control, which is twice that of most ordinary domestic movements. Even after standing for 3 days, the timing is still accurate. The new-generation Agelocer movements have a power reserve of 80 hours, and on the basis of this technology, they continue to create pioneering and original movements.
In terms of movement details, Cal.A4610 has the first domestic luxury movement configuration with platinum-plated movement splints and gold-plated movement gears. Equipped with 27 ruby wear-resistant bearings, quenching process anti-corrosion baked blue screws, using CNC line cutting technology, edge chamfering and polishing, decorated with exquisite circular Geneva pattern, fish scale pattern, the subtleties can also withstand consideration.

The Astronomer series represents Agelocer's spirit of respecting tradition but not being restrained. This is Agelocer's unrelenting quality standard and breakthrough creativity.
Design and technological innovation, make Chinese watches go to the world
Agelocer knows that in order to gain a place in the international watch market and to build competitiveness, it must innovate and not be someone else's shadow. To this end, Agelocer insists on making watches that meet the tastes of young people, and is committed to expressing the exploration of the world with mechanical timepieces. The brand takes "non-conformity, original design, design vitality, and fun" as the design principle, and shows the wearer's unique personality with an eclectic design style.

The breakthrough of Chinese mechanical watch brands is inseparable from the advancement of technology and quality. The movement is the soul of a mechanical watch. With its focus and love for machinery, Agelocer has always insisted on independent research and development of movements since the brand was founded, and invested heavily in technology research and development. It has the ability to control complex mechanical technology, and is committed to creating a new era of quality movement in China.
As of March 2022, Agelocer watches have won 13 international design awards. Including two 2020 London Design Awards, two 2021 Italian A Design Awards, two 2021 Berlin Design Awards, three 2022 German National Design Awards, three 2021 CGD Good Design Awards and 2021 Chicago Good Design Awards. Many products have been praised and recognized by the international design community.
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