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AGELOCER Women's Mechanical Watch in Bigbang Series, A Cool and Sweet Mechanism
Completely new AGELOCER women's automatic mechanical watch in bigbang series is put into market. Design inspiration of the series comes from roaring engine, hurtling sports car and interlaced runway. They represent spirit of adventure and great ambitions. The combination of hollow movement and time scale forms dynamic mechanical dial in multilayered structure. The particular timing mode makes a special impression on people’s mind. Appearance design of women's mechanical watch in bigbang series is wild and unyielding; the whole style is robust. In color series of macaron, the mechanical watch will touch young girls’ heart, showing distinctive personality of women.

official model:5808A8

official model:5805A5
official model:5809A10

The watch in bigbang series abandons flat and simplex design of traditional watches. AGELOCER creates a mechanical dial that gives people more sense of layering and stronger visual impact. The unrestrained dial and multilayer design present stacked stereoscopic space of the watch on wrist. Hour pointer is designed on small dial of dual scales in 24-hour time system. Minute pointer is under the scales. In the hollow mechanical design, the internal structure can be seen clearly, which brings visualized feeling to you.


To avoid the discomfort caused by the top cap pressing against the back of hand because of large dial, the top cap is moved to the position between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock according to human engineering design.


The watch cover is manufactured in two-sided coating anti-reflection technology that makes the cover more transparent. Hardness of the material is only second to that of diamond and the dial can be protected well. Lifetime of the watch can be prolonged effectively. The dial in 24-hour time system can show time visually to help users distinguish daytime and evening. Swiss Super-LumiNova luminous system is used in the bigbang series. It can be recycled to guarantee readability in the evening. The waterproofing grade 50m can meet daily demand in spite of rainy day.

Luminous effect

Exaggerative creative expression integrates Punk Style into design of mechanical watch. Unprecedentedly, AGELOCER uses fashionable and creative style to combine brand values and precise mechanical structure. This offers wide imagination and thinking space to young consumers, brings more new combination directions for innovation of traditional mechanical watch design and meets personality demand of contemporary minority group. The series is not restrained by the reality, expresses itself bravely and builds an unique brand image of fashionable mechanical watch.

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