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AGELOCER Mechanical Watch Wins 2020 London Design Awards

AGELOCER astronomer series and bigbang series of mechanical watch stand out from near ten thousand entries of the whole world and win LONDON DESIGN AWARDS in its first participation. The awards are got in the design group Product Design - Personal Use.

AGELOCER astronomer series 6404A1



AGELOCER bigbang series 5803J3


As a design award with international influence, LONDON DESIGN AWARDS is a global group organized by DRIVEN x DESIGN and an international cooperative organization that contains 95,000 members, 9,500 brands and 1,700 global excellent design studios of the whole world. The organization commends and awards the outstanding designers and groups in international design field. Through development of more than ten years, LONDON DESIGN AWARDS awarded in London Design Festival has become the most influential honor in Britain design circle.

In this competition, AGELOCER stands out from near ten thousand entries and gets honor in the most famous design event. This acknowledges AGELOCER. Just as the spiritual guide of LONDON DESIGN AWARDS, we are in an exciting time; technologies and innovation are creating infinite possibility. Extraordinary design is the key for possibility becoming reality.

AGELOCER is a fashionable mechanical watch brand. Adhering to the concept “exquisite technology, infinite creativity” and insisting on independent movement development, AGELOCER has its own technological watch manufacture system. Innovation is the inner core of AGELOCER. It drives update and upgrade of high-end manufacture technology of AGELOCER. AGELOCER devotes to creating mechanical watches of the new era which prevail in both quality and design. It explores infinite possibility of mechanical watch.

Award-winning work: AGELOCER astronomer series 6404A1

The original panorama moon phase dial design of AGELOCER breaks stereotyped image of moon phase watch in the industry. Moon phase function combines artistic expression. View window of moon phase is enlarged to the whole dial. 3D metal embossment engraving technology is used to restore the landform surface of moon. Silvery moon phase dial can be vivid and wearer can observe the waxing and waning of the moon conveniently. A special time experiencing apart from digital display will be brought to wearer. The dark blue dial combing silvery color and an eyeful of stars seems to look forward to tranquility and glory.


To avoid moon phase dial sliding, AGELOCER designs new transmission mechanism. A hold-back mechanism is set to prevent rotation caused by inertia of moon disk. In this case, the watch can drive expanded moon disk. To show panorama of moon phase, it is needed to control the size of moon phase window and control display error in reasonable range. Repeated test is needed to maintain large moon phase. Finally, moon phase window is enlarged to be 28mm. It seems like a bright moon in the vast Milky Way.

Watchband in switch ear type makes it convenient for users changing it without tool. Apart from that, inspiration is found from folding and pulling necktie to design watch buckle in stepless regulation. Traditional mechanical watch wearing mode is changed. You don’t need to set the standard hole distance that influences beauty. The watch is applicable to all wrists in different degree of thickness

Award-winning work: AGELOCER bigbang series 5803J3
The watch in bigbang series abandons flat and simplex design of traditional watches. AGELOCER creates a mechanical dial that gives people more sense of layering and stronger visual impact. The dial with delicate layout and multilayer design present stacked stereoscopic space of the watch on wrist. Hour pointer is designed on small dial of dual scales in 24-hour time system. Minute pointer is under the scales. The dial design in 24-hour time system can show time visually to help users distinguish daytime from evening accurately. In the hollow mechanical design, the internal structure can be seen clearly, which brings visualized feeling to you.

AGELOCER controls thickness, height and pointer height of each dial layer strictly and reserves adequate space to avoid interference. Through repeated debugging, multilayer interspersed dials and pointers are designed finally. The well-proportioned dials and pointers operate in their independent way and interwork at the same time.

The watch cover is manufactured in two-sided coating anti-reflection technology that makes the cover more transparent. Hardness of the material is only second to that of diamond and the dial can be protected well. Lifetime of the watch can be prolonged effectively. To avoid the discomfort caused by the top cap pressing against the back of hand because of large dial, the top cap is moved to the position between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock according to human engineering design. Swiss Super-LumiNova luminous system is used in the bigbang series. It can be recycled to guarantee readability in the evening. The waterproofing grade 50m can meet daily demand in spite of rainy day.

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