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Salute to Natural Work: AGELOCER Mechanical Marble Watch in Baikal Series
An inspired watch is designed from natural material. Recently, AGELOCER launched a new mechanical marble watch. The design inspiration comes from frozen surface of the deepest lake of the world—Baikal. In winter, the average temperature around Baikal is -38. The lake begins freezing from January every year and begins melting in May. Thickness of ice layer is about 70~115cm. To present the natural effect of ice crack on lake surface, product designers of AGELOCER use natural marble and create product referring to unique grains of marble.

official model:5902A1

This is an automatic mechanical watch that shows beauty of the nature. Profile of marble can form a natural painting of ink and wash. In ancient times, the marbles with formed grains were often selected to make painted screen or mosaic. Grains of marble are different from those of another. The grains are clear and curved, smooth and exquisite, elegant and generous. Every trace is character of the nature and there is no repeated grain. Therefore, each AGELOCER mechanical marble watch is special and unique. Designers polish crude marble to thickness 0.5mm and use it as dial, retain original color and texture of marble and guarantee small weight of watch.


Mechanical marble watch carries CAL.A4610 fully automatic movement developed by AGELOCER independently. With bidirectional wind-up system, daily motion of hand can wind up the watch. The movement has ultra-long kinetic energy storage of 80 hours, so the kinetic energy can be adequate for use. The movement of watch contains 27 compound ruby bearings. Vibration frequency is 28800v.p.h. Vibration frequency of triangular vibration absorber Incabloc is 4HZ. Accumbent bridge replaces traditional unilateral bridge to form steadier structure and guarantee balance wheel in steady position. Timing stability is improved.


Everything in the delicate movement can be seen at a glance via the 30mm panorama transparency. You can appreciate the rhodanized movement after being processed by advanced manufacturing process, the chamfers and wire-drawing face with polished edge, circular Geneva stripes, swirl marks, figures of fish scale, gold-stamping carved characters, mirror polish and blue steel screws.


Beauty of the nature is endless. In AGELOCER mechanical marble watch in Baikal series, all the elements related to aesthetics, design and nature become small miniatures of natural beauty. Concentrating at wrist, the elements are reflected perfectly in precise mechanical motion. Even if time elapses, the elegance and delicacy blended with natural elements and genuine technological process will be reserved. The Baikal series of mechanical marble watch is one of natural material series of AGELOCER. In the style of natural materials, AGELOCER has watches in schwarzwald series, astronomer series, international time series etc. Exploration of AGELOCER in the nature will be honed in time, innovated and practiced continuously.
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