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Good design without boundaries
Fashion mechanical watch brand AGELOCER is well-known by young people for its trendy and novel designs. Its Big Bang series and astronomer series mechanical watches have won product designs at the 2020 London Design Awards and 2021 Berlin Design Awards, respectively. Good results for the silver award in the group.

The AGELOCER designer team is composed of global independent designers and excellent design studios to provide creative support for the brand. BUG ME GmbH Swiss studio is one of AGELOCER's collaborative design studios, headquartered in Switzerland. The studio focuses on the development of creative watches and jewellery products, and is deeply involved in product design, branding, creative direction and design strategies, and has participated in product development projects and ideas for Swiss luxury watch brands many times.

The AGELOCER design team and the designers Etienne Ruffieux and Marie Boutteçon under the BUG ME GmbH Swiss studio are long-term partners. Agelocer's Astronomer Series and the Schwarzwald Lady Series are from Etienne Ruffieux and Marie Boutteçon.

AGELOCER Astronomer Series × Etienne Ruffieux

Etienne is good at rethinking traditional structures in watchmaking by using new technologies and new materials. His designs are full of sensitivity, involving modern proportions, clean construction and innovative shapes. The works usually have the characteristics of simplicity and elegance. Etienne focuses on 3D and exploring new shapes, mastering the production process to give life to artworks. In his universe, it is not limited to watches, design is defined as a state of mind: the object must tell a story and touch the heart of the person wearing it, whether it is jewelry, a watch or an accessory.

The astronomer watch is a joint development and design product of Agelocer and Etienne. Inspired by the sun, moon and stars, reappearing the eternal relationship between astronomical phenomena and time. The stars are shining in the azure blue galaxy night sky, the moon phase on the wrist is constantly changing with the passage of time, and the bright moon reciprocates from full to lack. The panoramic moon phase design enlarges the traditional moon phase watch to the entire dial. The 3D gold sculpted moon surface is uneven and the moon sea and the crater are in front of you.

The original panoramic moon phase dial design breaks the stereotype of the industry's moon phase watch. The moon phase function is combined with artistic expression, and the window of the moon phase disc is enlarged to the entire dial. The 3D metal embossed flower technology is used to restore the topography of the moon's surface. The silver moon phase dial is more eye-catching, and the wearer can more conveniently observe the profit and loss process of the moon phase, bringing a time experience other than digital display. The dark blue dial and silver overlap, embellished with a dazzling array of stars, as if looking forward to a peaceful and beautiful state.

AGELOCER Schwarzwald series × Marie Boutteçon


Marie is a designer in the luxury world, working for major luxury brands. In order to create high-end watches, specializing in the highest level of enamel, carving, stone and wood inlay and other extraordinary craftsmanship. Marie's vision for watchmaking, her feminine fashion influence, fusion of tradition and fashion trends, prompted her to create a fashion series with exquisite details and keen sense. She pays attention to aesthetics, art and beautiful craftsmanship, and has the ability to create new aesthetic norms and fashionable life trends.


Agelocer Schwarzwald Infatuated Mirror series is a lady's mechanical watch with oriental aesthetics as the design theme. The design is inspired by the gardens and landscapes of Suzhou, China, and integrates the exquisite harmony of the classic architecture of “recreating the universe within a few minutes” into the watch design. The dial is designed based on the characteristics of transparent windows and empty windows in Suzhou gardens. The large area of the dial is asymmetrically hollowed out and blank, allowing people to enjoy the scenery through the "windows", and the movement is intuitive and exquisite.


The movement is smooth and pleasing to the eye with embossed effect, which complements the design theme and shows the charm. The hollow dial is not only a window to appreciate the scenery, but also the time scale after being carved and polished with Swarovski crystals. The series presents a soft feminine fashion with the elegance and freehand brushwork of Oriental aesthetics.

The above is the mechanical art work of Agelocer and two designers. Agelocer will jointly develop with more outstanding artists and look forward to its continued design of amazing works.

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