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With Unbounded Exploration, AGELOCER Unveiled theNew Brand Image Blockbuster ExplorE in 2020
Recently, Swiss watch brand AGELOCER worked with creative photographer Long to create a new brand image blockbuster ExplorE.
As a new brand image film ExplorE of AGELOCER in 2020, it changed the previous way of product posing and combined artistic shooting techniques and ideas, presenting AGELOCER’s  unique watch culture, excavating the firm fearless spirit of people on the way forward, to express respect to  explorers in various fields. AGELOCER has always contained its concept of  exploration in product conception, style design, material selection and other dimensions.

AGELOCER 2020 Brand New Image Film ExplorE

A lot of metaphors of props, such as open glass cabinets, suspended mirror surfaces and torn plastic etc, are used in the shooting and display techniques of AGELOCER's ExplorE, all of which explain that this is a release and rebirth driven by exploration desire.
Long, a creative photographer, said at the shooting scene: "The shooting theme of 2020 AGELOCER is unbounded exploration. In my conception, I gradually separate' unbounded' from' exploration', and the expressive force of' unbounded' is sometimes more important. Many people want to break their shackles, but some boundaries or shackles are actually imposed by themselves. This is my personal experience. So AGELOCER didn't break the boundary, the “unbounded” just means that I don't recognize the existence of boundaries at all, and all boundaries are their own products. "

AGELOCER 2020 Brand New Image Film ExplorE
AGELOCER, as a new Swiss mechanical watch brand in recent years, is one of the few self-developed movement enterprises in the watch industry. Since its inception, AGELOCER has been exploring constantly with a unique explorer spirit, devoting itself to the deep excavation and innovation of precision mechanical art, and displaying the beauty of mechanical art through artistic means, which coincides with the spiritual core of human fearless exploration.

AGELOCER 2020 Brand New Image Film ExplorE

During the filming of ExplorE, Alexander Komissarov, a model who has left the country for Dior and other luxury brands for many times, showed his pursuit of personal expression and the spirit of self-breakthrough, which was perfectly consistent with the idea advocated by AGELOCER brand. During the filming process, he said, "I always thought there was another better and braver self in my body, but in this filming exchange, I really faced this problem. Who stopped me? Now it seems that's me. "

AGELOCER 2020 Brand New Image Film ExplorE
Using props such as open glass cabinet, suspended mirror and torn plastic, we show full exploration desire in shooting, constantly release ourselves, break self-limitation, deduce endless new force, and also show that AGELOCER is not limited to the past, and dares to rejuvenate more than one side.

AGELOCER 2020 Brand New Image Film ExplorE
In 2019, AGELOCER launched a series of watch designs, including tourbillon watches with highly representative craftsmanship, world time watches with time accuracy, and panoramic moon phase watches with rich humanistic atmosphere and outstanding fashion performance. Exploration and innovation have always been rooted in the brand DNA of AGELOCER.

AGELOCER's watchmakers and designers have always incorporated the concept of "enhancement" in Swiss culture into the design of watch models,  tried new things and methods with the unique spirit of mechanical art explorer, so as to launch the original design of watch models. In 2020, AGELOCER will start from a new perspective and explore more possibilities of watches with an innovative attitude.
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