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AGELOCER Wristwatch Joins Hands with to Present Gifts during Chinese Valentine’s Day: Let’s Fall in Love
Lover is an eternal topic for mankind and every single individual has his own unique love story. On the romantic day of Chinese Valentine’s Day, AGELOCER wristwatch and work together to hearten lovers and encourage them to utter out their love and express their true intentions.

On August 20-25, 2020, AGELOCER wristwatch joined hands with in launching the topic with hashtag #Let’s fall in love# forwarded in microblog. Love would dwindle with time and emotion might be overlooked in each regular passing day, but all people aspire to be accepted, seen or loved. In this romantic day, AGELOCER wishes that sincerity of love can be seen and valued. If you are single and have a crush on someone, don’t hesitate to utter it out. If you are in love or married, you need to pay attention th devotion of your spouse, hear his or her needs and respond to his or her love.
AGELOCER’s activity for the Chinese Valentine’s Day calls for adding of @AGELOCER and @ in sina microblog with the hashtag # catch sight of your sincerity # forward in microblog. Then you can share your love stories and get the opportunity to acquire its limited edition of gift box of wristwatch for lovers.


AGELOCER Astronomer series wristwatch implies the unprecedented full-view fenestration moon phase as its dial to realize the function of moon phase and to bring out the  highlight of appreciative values as well. The metallic 3D relief simulation moon surface marked by concave and convex brings out the beauty of the moon. This wristwatch draws inspiration from the famous Starlit Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Under the weirdly flowing stroke of Van Gogh, it forms an expansive and free starlit night with unique super-large full-view moon phase disc of AGELOCER. 

Left: AGELOCER Astronomer series, mechanical wristwatch for man-6401A1
Right: AGELOCER Astronomer series, mechanical wristwatch for woman-6401A1


Love is to pay attention to the devotion of your spouse and listen to his or her needs.. Love is fluid and responsive. AGELOCER moon phase mechanical wristwatch for man also has a trivial designing highlight, as its lid applies full-view transparent lid so that jolting of movement can be clearly seen. Love means that you catch sight of the sincerity. 

The movement of moon phase mechanical wristwatch for man adopts AGELOCER’s self-developed CALA4610 automatic mechanical movement and is installed with 27 ruby bering. The Geneva texture and the fish scale is delicately polished that is coupled with decoration of cornflower blue-steel screws shows expressive details and extreme elegance. The 80-hour-long reserve of dynamics helps ensure long duration. The highly effective two-way winding system ensures ample source of dynamics. It is such a marvel with fully-devoted craftsmanship. 

AGELOCER encourages striving to win over happiness. For you who have found your love or are on the hunt for one, it is hoped that AGELOCER wristwatch and can help give you a different Chinese Valentine’s Day. Hopefully happiness can be around all along. 

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