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AGELOCER won the 2021 Italian A’Design Award
2021 Global Design Award-Italy announced the winners of the A’Design Award. The mechanical watches of the AGELOCER astronomer series and the Big Bang series have passed the selection and won the silver medal.

AGELOCER has won the third international design award after it won the Berlin Design Awards and London Design Award. This is the performance of AGELOCER's innovative strength and design concept that has once again been internationally recognized.

Italian A'Design Award competition is the world's largest, most famous and most influential design competition. It symbolizes the highest achievement in the design industry and is known as the Oscar of the European design industry. It is an authoritative international competition recognized by the International Federation of Graphic Design Associations ICOGRADA and the European Design Association BEDA. The jury consists of more than 200 authoritative experts in various fields from all over the world.
Being able to stand out from more than 20,000 design works. Winning in world-renowned design competitions represents the highest honor in the design world for AGELOCER. This proves that AGELOCER's design works have received countless attention on the international stage and also highlights that AGELOCER has the core competitiveness to enter the international market.
The Italian A'Design Award aims to recognize individuals or groups of designers who have made great contributions to the industry in the field of international design, encourage innovation, and promote the prosperity and development of the market, which coincides with the concept of AGELOCER. Creativity is the core of AGELOCER, and it drives every innovation of AGELOCER and the upgrading of luxurious watchmaking craftsmanship.

AGELOCER is a new generation of mechanical watch brand in China. Since its establishment, it has been constantly seeking innovation and change on the basis of the industry. Always adhering to the concept of "mechanical watch explorer", insisting on independent research and development of the movement to create design inspiration and high-quality works, focusing on bringing consumers high-value, high-quality, and cost-effective mechanical watches.

Appreciation of winning works: AGELOCER Big Bang Series 5803J3

The Big Bang series 5803J3 is a watch that is creative in the steampunk world of parallel time and space. The design is inspired by the roaring engine, the galloping sports car, and the staggered track, all of which represent the spirit of adventure and ambition. It abandons the flat and single design of traditional watches and creates a more layered mechanical dial.

The Bigbang series of watches integrate the dashboard elements of the sports car with the time scale to form a dynamic mechanical dial with a multi-layer structure. The unique way of running time presents a layered three-dimensional space on the user's wrist. The integration of rudder pointers, gear dials and connecting rods makes people feel that they have broken into a cool and novel world. Coupled with the hollow mechanical design, the internal structure can be seen more clearly, and the impact brought by the passage of time can be enhanced.

The hour hand adopts a 24-hour double scale subdial, and the minute hand is located below the scale, visually transforming from a circular movement to a vertical expression from top to bottom. Enlarge the dial as much as possible to clearly show the time. Agelocer strictly controls the thickness, height and pointer length of each layer of the dial, reserves appropriate space, and repeatedly adjusts to realize the interspersed design of multi-layer dials and pointers, which can reserve enough space for each layer of dials in an orderly manner.

The watch mirror of the Big Bang series uses a scratch-resistant and wear-resistant sapphire mirror and a 316L medical stainless steel case. The sapphire Mohs hardness is second only to diamond, which can well protect the dial. The strap made of French first-layer cow leather is flexible and delicate. In order to avoid the discomfort caused by the crown a little bit against the back of the hand on the dial, the crown is moved between four and five o'clock according to the ergonomic design.

Appreciation of winning works: AGELOCER Astronomer Series 6404A1

Astronomer series watches are inspired by the sun, moon and stars, showing the eternal relationship between astronomical phenomena and time. Agelocer breaks the stereotype of moon phase watches in the watch industry and combines the moon phase function with artistic expression just right. Original traditional moon phase watch is enlarged to the entire dial, using 3D metal embossed flower technology to restore the surface of the moon, dark blue dial and silver overlap, embellished with a dazzling array of stars.

The traditional moon phase watch doesn’t enlarge the relationship between the moon phase and the watch, is a relatively small semicircle. The automatic rotation of the movement gear of the astronomer series watch will drive the rotation of the moon phase disc every day and the moon in the dial changes with the moon in the sky. With the passage of time, the moon phases between the wrists are constantly changing, perfectly showing the whole process of nature's moon phases surplus and loss, cloudy and sunny.

In order to prevent the moon phase dial from sliding when worn, it is necessary to control the size of the moon phase window and control the display error within a reasonable range. Agelocer reset the anti-reverse structure, repeated tests to enlarge the moon phase as much as possible, finally enlarged the moon phase window to 28mm.

The silver moon phase disc is more eye-catching, as if the moon shuttles between the Milky Way. The 30mm panoramic bottom cover allows users to intuitively feel the mysterious beauty of nature from any angle, bringing a time experience in addition to digital display.

The switch-type watchband allows users to disassemble and replace without the aid of tools, which is convenient and worry-free. The leather strap is equipped with the brand's patented adjustable folding buckle, which changes the way of wearing traditional mechanical watches. The strap can match most people's wrists without punching. It can be easily unbuckled and can be worn at will, comfortable and beautiful to wear. .

The three awards of the Agelocer astronomer series and the Big Bang series of mechanical watches have injected new power and energy into the design and innovation of mechanical watches by Agelocer, and inspired Agelocer to develop more products that have been tested by the market and affirmed by the design community.
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