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AGELOCER has won another award! AGELOCER watch won the 2021 Contemporary Good Design Award
Recently, the results of the 2021 Contemporary Good Design Award were officially announced. AGELOCER has received good news one after another. The three entries stand out from the crowd with their outstanding design concepts and excellent watchmaking skills. The Astronomer Series, Big Bang Series and Tourbillon Series all won the "2021 Contemporary Design Award".

Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) is an international design award hosted by the German Red Dot Award, which aims to select good designs for contemporary society. The review process of the Contemporary Good Design Award is based on more than 60 years of professional review experience of the Red Dot Award. The international jury is selected by the Red Dot. In this year's CGD competition, more than 2,300 works from all over the world participated in the competition, and 370 works were awarded.

Dr. Peter Zucker, founder and chairman of the Red Dot Award, said: "In 2021, the Contemporary Good Design Award will be announced for the seventh time. I can proudly say that it is becoming the most important independent design award in China. Through the competition, we are looking for innovation and quality in design every year. In the Chinese market, the level of design has improved significantly every year.”

On January 7, 2022, the 2021 Contemporary Good Design Award closing conference and designer night event was held at the Red Dot Design Museum, Xiamen. Mr. Lai Liyue, product design director of AGELOCER, attended the event as a representative to share with the majority of designers and design enthusiasts AGELOCER's design inspiration and business sharing.

On January 7, the world's first exhibition of the 2021 Contemporary Good Design Award-winning works exhibition was held at the Red Dot Design Museum, Xiamen, China. In the museum, three award-winning works of AGELOCER can be visited. Visitors can better understand the award-winning works and the latest consumption trends, and see good contemporary designs.
AGELOCER·2021 Contemporary Good Design Award-winning Works Display:
AGELOCER · Astronomer Series

The creation inspiration of the Astronomer series comes from the sun, moon and stars, and uses the moon phase as a symbol to record time. Breaking the traditional small window blocking moon phase design, it created the first 28.5mm large immersive moon phase window, using 3D nano-metal printing technology to make 3D three-dimensional carved moon phases, and platinum-plating technology to make the lunar landform color more brilliant, combining modern technology with traditional The function is a new upgrade. This series of watches represents AGELOCER's spirit of respecting tradition but not being restrained, and interpreting the exploration of astronomy in a new mechanical form.

AGELOCER · Big Bang Series
The design inspiration of the Big Bang series watch comes from racing elements. The roaring engine in the rally car, the instrument panel that records the gallop, the staggered track, and the speeding wheels. The designer subtly arranges the elements of speed in the dial space. Abandoning the flat and single design of traditional watches, the industry's first multi-level mechanical dial is realized with rigorous technology, and 4 layers of complex mechanical hollow structures are accommodated in an extremely thin 2.4mm space. The first three-pin separate design redefines the way the watch travels! The Big Bang series is born for original design and precision machinery. It explores the brave and fearless racing spirit with mechanical timepieces, creates a new era of mechanical watch wearing experience, and meets the needs of consumers in the new era to express their individuality.
AGELOCER · Tourbillon Series
On the basis of inheriting the watchmaking essence of the classic tourbillon, the AGELOCER tourbillon series watch takes the architectural aesthetics as the design origin, and builds a city of suspended machinery between the wrists with the light-feathered suspension heart and mechanical bones. It adopts the ultimate hollowing process with a more design sense to fully display the movement structure, breaking the complicated tradition of classical machinery and creating a light visual beauty. The wearer can fully peep the flying tourbillon without top bracket flying in the air, reinterpreting the new generation of tourbillon in a modern design language.

The 2021 Contemporary Good Design Award-winning exhibition will be displayed at the Red Dot Design Museum, Xiamen, China. The exhibition will last until April 3, 2022. The exhibition showcases excellent designs from different aspects of contemporary society from 50 categories and perspectives, allowing visitors to better understand the award-winning works and the latest consumption trends, and see good contemporary designs.

AGELOCER watch at the Red Dot Design Museum

The Contemporary Good Design Award continues to explore and lead the design trend. AGELOCER will not stop, and is committed to creating a new generation of mechanical timepieces. For AGELOCER, innovation will never end.
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