Our timepieces

The Eternal Theme of the Innovative Spirit of Agelocer watchmaking
Increasingly inspire us to present more exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic design
The Philosophy of Brand Pursuing Perfection

BigBang Collections

Design Inspiration from Graphite Molecular Structure, Create a 3D space have more stereoscopic on the wrist.

BigBang Collections

Innovative Ability and Creativity Give the Great Bang Watches a Unique Appearance, show the free and uninhibited soul.

Schwarzwald Collections

Fully automatic hollow-out mechanical wristwatch, exposure of precision mechanical structure, invite you to explore the mystery of time together.

Bosch Moon Phase Collections

Creativity is ingenious, excellent performance, stars and moon are within reach.

Bosch World Time Collections

Put the world on your wrist, Overcome jet lag, Travel around the world.

Bosch Tourbillon Collections

In order to overcome gravity, we invented aircraft, rockets, and tourbillons.

Bosch Collections

In order to inherit the style of urban retro, carve fine decoration on the basis of hollow out.

Spirit Collections

Perfect circularity, pure essentials, pleasing proportions.

Baikal Collections

It shows the elegance and quietness of "Siberian Eye" Lake Baikal with gradient color and watermarking.

Budapest Collections

Draw inspiration from the world's ancient cities, so as to achieve a truly masterpiece of wristwatch and mechanical legend.

Budapest-sky Collections

The inspiration of gradient color is from the sky in Budapest.

Codex Collections

Square Manual Machine Core, Double-sided Hollow-out

Codex Collections

Perfect integration of circular core and square case, Square shell with Round core, There is a way around.

Luzern Collections

Exquisite core with simple shape, explain classics in a simple style.

North Carolina Collections

Precision timer integrates superb technology and instrument appearance perfectly, and becomes an innovative work of classical pilots'wristwatch, Life goes on, flight goes on.

Themis Collections

24-hour and three-needle separation, Perfect integration of modern timing and traditional tabulation.

Moon Phase Collections

Creativity is ingenious, stars and moon are within reach.

Baikal Collections

Smart diamonds, Shining the legendary light of Baikal Lake.

Luzern Ladies Collections

Exquisite core with simple shape, explain classics in a simple style.

Luzern-Quartz Collections

Simple Bauhaus More slim and more fashionable

Codex Ladies Collections

Simple square, blending tradition and modernity, the sun and the earth.

Spirit Ladies Collections

Extremely thin, enamel surface, moist as jade; Fritillaria surface, gorgeous and colorful.