Focus on the movement

We are still working hard to make our technology more perfect.

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Pursuit of Art

Agelocer's watchmaker himself is an artist who conveys emotion through his works. From master to apprentice, their exquisite craft passed down from generation to generation and became a collective memory. Since the founding of Agelocer, this tradition has created genuine art works, showing a variety of exquisite traditional crafts from the movement to the dial. In addition to their excellent craft, these works also interpret time in an artistic way, which tells stories about art and culture from all over the world.

Workshop original

From the original design to the final production and testing, from a small gear to a perfect wrist watch, we insist that all Agelocer watches are produced in our controlled range, and every wrist watch of Agelocer comes from this art workshop.

Technology and material

We are never satisfied with our past successes. We are proud of that. Any seemingly perfect detail can always be improved. The optimized alloy material may have better performance advantages. The new shape may make the gears more efficient when rotating. Highly sophisticated components can achieve new complex functions.

A new generation movement

This generation of mobile movement is more solid, refined and elegant than all previous styles, and has become a new standard for automatic movement.

The energy storage of this kind of movement is no more than 80 hours in mass production.

On this basis, we have developed a number of styles of the core model: Cal.A4610 type conventional movement; Cal.A4710 type hollow carving machine movement; Cal.A4910 type modern hollow movement.

Horizontal type watch bridge

The Horizontal type watch bridge replaced the traditional Unilaterally watch bridge, and Horizontal type watch bridge could form a more stable structure with the core substrate to ensure that the pendulum (that is, the flywheel setting the time precision for all mechanical wristwatches) is in a stable position.

80 hour power reserve

Behind the powerful energy reserves is Agelocer's untiring efforts to structure and material, because only enough heavy Tuo can store energy for strong clockwork boxes. Therefore, we also improved the material structure of the upper chain system and the clockwork box, so that any slight movements of the wrist can provide energy for the wrist watch.