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Exploring · AGELOCER SCHWARZWALD Mechanical Wristwatch
The whole meaning of life in the continuous exploration has yet to know things, is constantly adding more knowledge. -------Zola

The dense jungle, with the canopy covering the sun, is full of dangers, but a group of people are not afraid of dangers,  and they are breaking the unknown confusion and seeking the truth behind it. This SCHWARZWALD watch symbolizes AGELOCER's high respect for explorers. Primitive forest is a stage for many explorers. Designers can seek inspiration from the dense jungle, and outline the mystery and preciseness of the dense forest with intertwined hollow structures and polished fish scales stacked by light and shadow.

The dial hollowing is designed according to the movement architecture. The 12-point structure, like a spider, is entrenched on the clockwork. When the kinetic energy is added to the movement, the clockwork is gradually filled, the balance wheel swings rapidly, feeling the "intimate" contact with mechanical life intuitively. The polished scales on the dial are like the canopy of a forest, layered and endless. Turning over 180 degrees, clear gear rotation can be seen on the back of a large area, and the streamlined movement board has a panoramic view, from front to back, enjoying the beauty of penetrating machinery.

The 316L stainless steel case adopts satin polishing technology to present a uniform texture, and the bevel polishing treatment is moist and transparent. The design of the dodecagon is full of sublime charm. It has a strong sense of line and own characteristics, having corners, without any stiffness. Each of the 12 sides corresponds to a scale to form a visual balance. Saw-tooth anti-slip crown design is convenient for time adjustment, flat polishing, and engraved with the classic four-leaf clover logo, symbolizing the coexistence of luck and time. The case with a diameter of 41.5mm is moderate for men's wrists,  without loftiness and perfect fusion.

Droplet-shaped silvery white luminous scale and hollow luminous hands, are made of Super-Luminova environmental luminous material, no fear of night. The design of two pins is only to show the mechanical beauty more purely.

Equipped with self-produced Cal.A4910 automatic mechanical movement, the 4 Hz vibration frequency gives the watch a more stable and accurate travel time.  Equipped with 28 ruby bearings, it can store energy for 80 hours. The bidirectional winding system can continuously charge the exploration process. Careful satin polishing process, perfect blend of red lettering and black movement, bring bright visual effect.

Summary: The alternate darkness and light, iteration of exploration and discovery run through the whole gun color, reflecting endless unknown and power. Be bold and fearless, everyone is an explorer, we are stubborn travelers on the road of life, and we never stop taking steps.
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