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Reserve Time to Budapest, Tributes to the Charm of Simplicity by AGELOCER
The famous ancient European city of Budapest is lying in the northern section of Hungary in the riverfront of the middle parts of the Danube. It is famous all around the world. The new world perfectly conjugates with the old world like gears. People can relish in different sparkles of life though it shows semblance in fine weather every single day. ‘Good prospects are on the cars with the past lingering in the memory’ can be said as the best depiction of the city. Drawing inspiration from Budapest and by conflating historic classics and the modern spirit of simplicity, designers launch a perpetually classical wrist watch.

 Model: 4101A1

Innovation is originated from tradition. AGELOCER Budapest series wrist watch is an extension of the brand’s distinctive aesthetic designing and exquisite techniques that perfectly mingles classics with innovation and apply its pure designing concept to pay tributes to the charm of simplicity in Budapest.
The milk white round watch dial is decorated by silver metal nails with varying length that is both terse and bright. The fan-shaped dynamic display window on the up left, the jolting pointer-type calendar dial on the up right and the six-digit stand-alone disc shape din triangle are skillfully frilled inside the dial that would enrich visual effects and drastically enhance the style as a whole. Set against by the transparent sapphire glass watch mirror, the dial looks all the more alluring.

The watch case 40 millimeter in diameter applies 316L stainless steel that goes through polished finish and thus looks all the more tender and delicate. The slightly curve on the side of the case shows a smooth linear sense and can help the wrist watch better press to the waist. It conforms to ergonomics. 
The round crown with the same texture is designed out with serration-type anti-skid textures and thus shows superb hand feeling. It helps people correct time and perceive the rhythmic beauty of time in sync. The symbol of ‘clover’ in the relief brand is symbolic of good luck accompanying you all along. It is free from redundant pompous decoration and is enhanced with a sense of elegance. 

The pattern of the delicate clock mechanism can be seen through the 26mm big transparent movement. Its self-produced CAL A3550 mechanical movement along with 29 ruby bearing shows an impetus storage of 42 hours. It shows sound utility. Rich embellishment is done on the surface of the clock mechanism. With the delicate Geneva texture and solar ornament as well as decoration of the polished blue steel screw and brass gear, its ample colors show appreciative features. The frequency of vibration is 3HZ. When combining with Incabloc suspension system, it can validly reduce wearing of clock mechanism, drastically boost precision of time and help people appreciate the conforming and mystical mechanical beauty over time. 

Florence is the most appealing city  in flatland. Venice is famous the world over among cities towering in the seabed. And Budapest is magnificent for mountainous cities enjoying global fame. With diversified life in Budapest as the opportunity, the Budapest series wristwatch of AGELOCER is to bring about the classical trend of simplicity. Its particularities are charming despite its simple look. Purity makes classics and with such fresh feeling on watch observation, it deserves the best lauding words. 
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