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About Us
AGELOCER is a brand of mechanical watch of a new generation in China. It was registered in 2013.The brand insists on original design and independent research and development of movement, takes an oath to pursue delicacy, avant-garde and breakthrough, respects tradition but is not limited by it. The brand assembles excellent designers and watch design team of the world, breaks the traditional outmoded conventions of watch design, surpasses technology boundary unremittingly, presents distinct and prominent aesthetic mark and annotates the traditional watch anew to be mechanical watch with gene of the new era. AGELOCER has its own distinct idea and pursuit for watch technology. The product team goes through the whole process of design, drawing, plate making, accessories production, manual assembly and testing. It breaking through the peak of China's watch industry and committed to developing outstanding Chinese movements that leads the industry.Vision of the brand is to become the leader of mechanical watch of new generation. Concentration and ardent love will guide AGELOCER to the palace of world-famous watches. AGELOCER will contribute its force for better time.
Brand concept
The ingenious mechanism player has interested soul. The consummate technique and bold creativity presents distinct style, which is the style manifesto of AGELOCER for every wearer.

In the whole process from conception to watch manufacture, the brand implements the design concept “ Always Surprised” all the time. Consumers can feel a surprise really. Based on the profession and ardent love on mechanical watch, AGELOCER embeds the art of balance among rationality, sense of beauty and creativity into every watch. The mechanical watch can not only tell people time but also perform its exploration to the world in different mechanical forms and express the spirit of braveness. We are redefining mechanical watch. As for AGELOCER, innovation is endless.
Brand Story
without limit and never compromise
The world of AGELOCER assembles a group of interested souls who concentrate on and devote to the complex aesthetics of mechanism. They come here for ardent love without limit and they never compromise. They hope to break through the current situation of Chinese mechanism watch and create a mechanism watch of young people.

AGELOCER devotes to expressing its exploration to the world by mechanical timer. Interesting design soul is injected to every watch to present the spirit of braveness and transcendence of “mechanism player”. It is a complete new performance of traditional watch. New design, new quality and new concept are used to redefine mechanical watch. Since the brand was created, it has been insisting on original design and independent research and development of movement and pursuing the perfect quality of mechanism watch. In the high self-pursuit in strict requirements, AGELOCER watch integrates the concentration and ardent love on complex mechanical technology, the pursuit to perfect quality and the character presentation of design concept.

We are looking forward to meeting more interested souls on road of progress.
Social responsibility
Make time better
We have a simple idea and will put it into practice—create better products, realize a good future in sustainable development and contribute for better time.AGELOCER develops for long-term value in responsible attitude and mode. By product innovation, supply chain innovation, marketing innovation and concept innovation, AGELOCER will make, share and win a bright future together with users, partners and staffs.

AGELOCER is committed to guaranteeing the brand can adhere to attitude of honesty and integrity all the time when carrying out business. Taking supply of outstanding and extraordinary timer to users as responsibility, AGELOCER not only makes every effort to create distinct watch but also undertakes social responsibility of culture, life, nature and environmental protection in the process of watch production. It offers ideal work environment for staffs, cares about its cooperative partners and the society and treats resources of the world at respect attitude. These are bases for realizing a bright future in sustainable development. We have a simple idea and will put it into practice—create better products, realize a good future in sustainable development and contribute for better time.
Our Values
Delicacy Avant-garde Breakthrough
  • Delicacy
    Ardently love our cause of watch sincerely, break shackle and outmoded conventions of timing in an outburst of enthusiasm, present distinct and prominent aesthetic mark.
  • Avant-garde
    In spirit of braveness and courage, innovate while revering the traditional. Transcend technology boundary continuously, explore the boundary of watch design other watch designers never reach, show the pursuit of making perfection more perfect.
  • Breakthrough
    Focus on the development of mechanical watch technology, invest in technology development in large amount continuously in the field of mechanical watch, devote to breaking through the existing watch design concepts and technologies, innovate to present Chinese mechanical watch of new generation.
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